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14th Coca-Cola Women's Run
04 October 2009

ATTENTION! The course of the 14th Coca-Cola Women's Run has been altered. The Race Centre, the start and the finish will be located in the City Park (Városliget).

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6th E.ON Délibáb Sport Day
27 June 2009

Get to know the fabulous Hortobágy National Park - while doing sports.

Have you ever seen the Hungarian Puszta running, walking or cycling? Have you ever been cheered by the Hungarian grey cattle, horse-herds or Mangalitsa pigs? If your answer is no, then it's time to try it. Take part in the 6. E.ON Délibáb Sport Day. Run a half-marathon in the heat of the Puszta, or choose one of the shorter distances (14 or 7 km). If you prefer walking, you can take part in the performance tour of 21 km or the walking trip of 7 km. For those who are keen on biking, we offer cycling tours (30km or 60km). All the courses lead through the wonderful Hungarian Puszta, which is part of the Unesco World Heritage.

Don't miss the opportunity to run, walk or cycle in Hortobágy.

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Conquer the peak of Hungary - 12th Kékes Peak Run
31 May 2009

On the13th of June you can undertake the task of running to our country's 1014 meter high peak, to Kékes. Conquer the mountain. Run up the hill and touch the red-white-green striped stone representing Hungary's highest point. You will have a unique experience. Come to Mátrafüred and take part in the Kékes Peak Run.

The distance of the race does not seem to be long for an experienced runner as it is 11,6 km - the race becomes serious due to the 671 meter level distance. The participants can only run in one direction: upwards.

If you wish to try this unusual run, start getting prepared now. Let us meet in Mátrafüred.

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Online registration is already open
07 March 2009

You can register online to the 14th Coca Cola Women's race to be held on the 18th of October 2009. Come and join the women of Budapest. The woman race becomes more and more popular and the number of runners from abroad increases each year. Don't miss the opportunity, come and see Budapest this time, when your Euro worth the double in Hungary. Don't hesitate register here now! 


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Online registration is open
08 January 2009

You can now register online to the 14th Coca Cola Women's race which will be held on 18 October 2009. Come and join the women in Budapest, don't miss the opportunity, come and see Budapest, register here!

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