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28 October 2008

More than 4500 women took part on the 13th Coca Cola Women's Running Gala in Budapest on the Margaret Island; women loving sports, girls, mothers, grandmothers.

At 9.45 was the first start of the 3,5 km shorter distance. There was also a second start for this distance at 10.50, the course lead on the Margaret Island. After the runners the walkers lined up at the start to walk on a 2,8 km distance.

The 10 km distance could be run individually or in pairs, the start was at 12 o'clock. By this time the weather has become really sunny and warm, a pleasant running weather at this time of the year. Aniko Kalovics, the fastest Hungarian long distance runner who also took part on the Olympics in Beijng won the race with 33 minutes and 55 seconds. More than 200 of the runners ran their first 10 km on this race.

Ladies who took part on the 13th Coca Cola Women's Running Race proved once more that they are professionals not only at work and in organising the family life, but also in sports!

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15 October 2008

Attention! The Start and the Race Center of the 13th Coca Cola Women's Running Gala will be at a different location!

The Race Center will be at the Marget Island Open Air Theater, on the Margaret Island closer to Arpad Bridge!

The different running races and the walks will start from the Central Road of the Margaret Island and this is where the finish will be, on the area in front of the Water Tower.

The relay area will be on the lower quay of Pest at the Markó street! Getting there: cross the Margaret Bridge to the Pest side and walk on the quay towards the Parliament.

Let us meet on Sunday on the 13th Coca Cola Women's Running Gala!

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08 October 2008

If you participate at the 13th Coca Cola Womens' Running Gala and complete the 10 km distance individually we honour you with a medal - you can even have it engraved with the results.

This is how it looks!

Start the preparation now, there are only two weeks left until the 13th Coca Cola Womens' Running Gala!





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Women's Running Feast on Margaret Island
16 September 2008

13th Coca Cola Women's Running Gala

19th October 2008.

Yet again in October the Margaret Island will be filled with women in running shoes to spend a day doing sports on the 13th Coca Cola Women's Running Gala. This year women can also choose between running and walking. Lovers of longer distances can tackle the big female challenge that is the 10 km distance which can be run individually or in pairs 5, 5 km + 4, 5 km. Those preferring shorter distances can choose the 3, 5 km; also, it is possible to walk 2, 8 km which can also be done with Nordic Walking.

Men should not remain at home either; they are now needed to cheer!

Get prepared now and come to the largest female running feast this autumn!

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23rd Nike Budapest International Half Marathon 7 September 2008
09 September 2008

5000 finishers - 46 countries

Race Report

The largest half marathon of Central Europe was now organised for the 23rd time in Budapest. Overall almost 7000 runners took part on the event. Besides the 21 095 meter long half marathon distance, the runners could also choose to run the race in a team of 2 runners and there was also a fun run of 3,5 km organised for children and family members. This year the organisers designated a new course leading along the river Danube and in the city center showing the most important sights of Budapest with places that are part of the World Heritage.

The organisers put emphasis on this race on amateur runners, thus no professional runners were invited. The race was won with a moderate winning time of 1:07:22.

Among the runners there were more than 1000 runners from abroad. The majority came from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and the USA. There were runners even from such far away countries like New Zealand, Israel and Mexico.

The next Budapest International Half Marathon will be organised on 6 September 2009!

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