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Race Information » 10 km

The biggest Hungarian running race especially for women.

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Race centre

The race centre can be found int he City Park (Városliget), Olof Palme Promenade. You can get there by underground (line 1). Opening hours:

Warning! There will be no safekeeping of any objects in the race centre. Dressing rooms can be reached by 2-5 minute walk from here.

No start number picking up on other days!

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Picking up your start number

All start numbers must be acquired at the race centre in the City Park. You can pick up your start number at the desk for foreign participants (we will sign this place with a board). Obtaining your start number is made easier if you present the confirmation letter. If you don't have this, then you can check your number on the startlist that will be set up at the location. Otherwise anyone of our staff will gladly help.

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Start package

Besides your start number you will also get the start package, which includes a unique T-shirt with a unique logo, the race chip and on top of these the entry fee includes refreshment at 5 km, first aid, finisher bag, medal, result booklet.

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The chip

The single and relay runners' times will be measured by ChampionChip system. If you have your own ChampionChip then you can submit it's number to the entry personnel when you sign-up previously, or at the latest when you acquire your start number. For those who have no chip of their own, there will be a single chip provided for the race with your start number. The deposit fee for this chip is 1000 HUF. This deposit will be returned to you after the race, in exchange for the chip. You do not have to pay this deposit if you are using your own chip. We ask all runners to check their chips at the chip-control desk.

You must use chip on the race. You may not take part in the race without one.

Attention: the chip can not be used at any other races. The chip must be returned until 14.00 o'clock at the latest. Foreign runners will have separate tents to go to! Please fasten the chip to your shoelaces. How to fasten the chip on your shoe? First you have to untie and remove your shoelaces, put your chip on it then tie it again. It's important that you not only try and fasten it to your shoe and not after tightening the laces or else you might loose your chip.

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Dressing rooms, clothes deposit (gardrobes)

Changing rooms and safekeeping will be found at the Outdoor Stage in the tents.

Attention: wardrobe can be found at a separate area. Your clothes are kept at the clothes deposit not the dressing room. We take no responsibility for clothes or valuables left at the start/finish area or in dressing rooms.

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Start gate will be set up in the City Park. Starting times (times are subject to change):

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Olof Palme sétány-Zichy Mihály út-Városligeti körút-Dózsa György út (Felvonulási tér) -Dvorák sétány-Olof Palme sétány-Hősök tere-Andrássy út-TURNING POINT -Andrássy út-Hősök tere-Olof Palme sétány-Városligeti körút-Kós Károly sétány- TURNING POINT -Kós Károly sétány-Hermina út-Városligeti körút-Olof Palme sétány

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Time limit

1 hour and 15 minutes.

The race will be followed by the closing bus (speed: 7 minutes 30 seconds/km) which runners can get up on if they suffer an injury or are forced to give up. The closed roads will be opened after the time limit elapses, for this reason those who are caught up by the closing bus must get up on it. Runners who give up or suffer an injury will be transported back to the race centre by the bus. Please return your chip on the bus should this be the case. It is forbidden to keep running once you are passed by the bus because police will be opening roads to traffic after the time limit.

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We award a prize only 1st-3rd places in arriving order, no separate awards by categories.

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Refreshment stations

There will be a refreshment station at the finish, and for the 10km race also at the relay point, making sure you can acquire the amount of liquid that you need.

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First aid

First aid will be available from start to finish, at multiple locations throughout the course. These are: an ambulance that will follow behind the race, in the relay switch area, and a final first aid station will be set up at the finish line.

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The finish will be located in the City Park. Relay runners will have to enter a separate lane. All individual runners will receive a unique medal and a finisher bag upon crossing the finish line.

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Net time is being measured by ChampionChip timing system. Results may be viewed on the race site ( on 18 October 2009 from 22:00 pm . We send result booklet and with own to all 10 K finishers in November.

Awarding: there will be an absolute awarding system.

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Important information

Please note: fair sportsman-like behaviour is expected of all participants. Please keep the marked route. The race number must be worn on the chest. There is no possibility for participation without chip. It is forbidden to participate in the race with skates, bicycles, dogs or other pets. Violation of these rules or not wearing a start number will result in exclusion from the race. Entries will be limited upon decision of the organiser. Entry forms will be dealt within the order of their incoming. Early submission of the entry forms will guarantee your participation in the half-marathon. Due to organizational reasons, payment of the registration fee by cheque is not possible. In case of double registration a handling fee of EUR 5 will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Registered participants, who fail to take part in the race, for whatever reasons, may not claim a refund of the participation fee, but the registration will be valid for next year. Please make sure that your e-mail address is given correctly, otherwise it will be impossible to mail the confirmation.

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Public transport

Vehicle you can take to the City Park: underground (line 1). More information on

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Training opportunities

There are many places of training in Budapest. Let us recommend some of these to our runners: the most beautiful and most famous one is Margit Island and City Park (Városliget) and Normafa.

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How to register?

You can register:

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Entry fees

Amount is determined by the date of payment!

Special entry fee, valid if you have already taken part on any of the races organised by Budapest Marathon.

DeadlineEntry fee
till 19 September 20115 €
till 10 October 20117 €
till 16 October 20119 €

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