Race Rules

Rules of all events of BSI Balaton Supermarathon


I/a. In the majority the course of the race leads onthe bicycle road around Balaton. This road is onlypartly an especially built bicycle road, the other parts- especially within villages - is being designated on apublic road. Especially on the south coast the bicycle road often does not lead on a separate lane but on the smaller streets of the villages (bicycle friendly roads). On these roads it is necessary to run with due care by observing the rules of the Highway Code. Special care should be applied when on Saturday the designated road crosses a main road (at Balatonrendes, app. 700 meters, here runners are protected from the traffi c with a special mark) or when on Saturday and Sunday crossing a main road (road nr. 71, crossing according to police instructions) or when the railway crosses the designated running road (crossing according to instructions of civil guards). On these places you should cross by taking into consideration the instructions of the police and the judges. On road nr. 71 policemen will direct traffic taking into consideration the secure crossing of the runners. When the railway shows a red sign or in the lack of this when a train approaches, the runners will be stopped by the civil guard. In both cases running can only be continued when the policeman / civil guard expressly permits to continue. There will be a leading cyclist in front of the fi eld and a closing cyclist will close the fi eld. Where the course permits this, a closing bus will follow the runners. Insurance of the race refers to the road between the leading and the closing cyclist. The closing vehicle will follow according the daily time limit, those being over passed by this will be obliged to give up the race for that day, they can continue the next day. Those giving up the race are obliged to get on the closing bus, which will follow the fi eld and take the runner to the fi nish line. The course of the race will lead on a course NOT closed from traffi c, other vehicles might also appear!

I/b. Wherever the route is laid off along a public road, participants are to stay in the right lane or to keep to the right side. On the bicycle roads it is compulsory to run on the right side! Wherever the bicycle road leads on the pavement, this is where you should run. In case there is any vehicle on the road, you should divert to the right! The prescriptions of the Highway Code are applicable to the runners and their companions; it is compulsory to observe these!

I/c. As the race leads on a course NOT closed from traffic, for the safety of the runners we do not suggest to wear headfones on both ears toning down the outside noises.

I/d. The booklet contains a detailed itinerary (description of the course) foreach day and also a sketch map of the course, which the runner can take along. On the course we help orientation with appropriate signs (sign, road signs, ribbons). Signs and ribbons will be placed not long before the runners, however, it might happen, unfortunately, that someone replaces these out of joke. The itinerary always shows on what road the runner will turn (bicycle road, bicycle friendly road, public road). We show the daily course with signs, every 5 kms. Each day we show the marathon distance for that day. On the course we show the 50th, 100th and 150th kilometre of the road.

I/e. The signs of the bicycle road around the Balaton and those placed by the BSI will help orientation on the course.

White BSI logo on an orange surface.

Green-yellow sign.


II/a. Each day we mark for the runners and for their companions on the maps the easiest way of how to get to the start and changing points. We ask everybody to keep to the recommended routes and parking places so that nobody disturbs the runners and so that there are no traffi c jams around the locations. During the whole period of the race, runners should have advantage over the companions and their vehicles!

II/b. Day 1., Thursday |Start: 11:00

Race Centre opens: 8:30

Location: Siofok, Hotel Aranypart, side of the lake

Mass start.

Finish: Fonyod railway station, parking place from the side of the lake

II/c. Day 2., Friday | Start: 10:15

Race Centre opens: 8:30

Location: same place as the fi nish of the previous day, Fonyod railways station parking place from the side of the lake.

Based on their previous day's results the participants start in pairs every 5-10 seconds. When creating the pairs the individual and the group results will be judged together. The time of the daily participants of the maraton + will be allocated based on their planned time. The start list will be placed near the start stage and the speaker will call the participants.

Finish: parking place under Szigliget Castle

II/d/1. Day 3., Saturday | Start: 10:00 - BSI Balaton Supermarathon day 3, BSI Half Balaton Supermarathon day 1, 3rd day Marathon+

Race Centre opens: 8:00

Location: Badacsony, MOL petrol station

Participants will start in pairs every 5-10 seconds based on their overall results. When creating the pairs the individual and the group results will be judged together. The time of the daily participants of the maraton + and those of the Half Balaton Supermarathon will be allocated based on their planned time. The start list will be placed near the start stage and the speaker will call the participants according to this.

Finish: Balatonfüred, Tagore Promenade

II/d/2. Day 3., Saturday - MaratonFüred

Start: 9:50, race centre opens: 8:00.

Location: Badacsonytomaj, at the Badacsony end of the beach.

Participants start each 5-10 seconds in pairs based on their planned time. We shall place the start list near the stage, the speaker will call the runners accordingly.

Finish: Balatonfüred, Tagore Promenade

II/e. Day 4., Sunday |

Race Centre opens: 7:00.

Start 1. Individual runners and slower teams: 8:00

Location: the same as the finish of the previous day on Tagore Promenade.

Individual runners, the runners of Marathon + Day 4 and the slower runners of teams will have a mass start. The list of the teams in question will be placed at the reception of Hotel Aranyhíd at the reception on Saturday.

Those relay members who where the fi rst runner is also an individual runner will also start at this time.

Start2. (teams): 8:30

Mass start.

Finish: Siofok, side of the lake at Aranypart Hotel

II/f. On the location of the start the race centre is open for runners before the fi rst start time of the race at the time designated above.

II/g. Prior to the daily start times participants are obliged to confi rm their wish to run latest half an hour before the start, the relays and pairs are obliged to provide the daily running order. Those individual runners, who take advantage of the transfer, can confirm their intention to start also on the bus.


III/a. We provide a distinctive sign (route permit) for vehicles accompanying the teams upon taking over the start number, which should be placed on the vehicles at a well visible place because only with this are they entitled to accompany runners according to the race rules. It is forbidden to continuously and directly accompany individual and relay /pair runners! Upon taking over the start number we also provide a distinctive sign (route permit) for the bicycle companions of the runners, which should be placed on a well visible place on the bicycle. Continuous and direct accompanying is allowed behind the runner from the fi rst refreshment station of the day!

The accompanying vehicle should not hold up the other participants or any other vehicle or pedestrians on the road. Where the course leads on a bicycle road the accompanying cards do not drive ont he bicycle road according to the rules of the Highway Code. When parking around the start, fi nish and relay points we ask the accompanying vehicles to take into consideration those stipulated in the map sketches provided.

III/b. There will be refreshments served at the starting, fi nishing and relay points. All participants can take refreshments only from tables designated to them, there will be a separate table for the individuals and the pairs and a separate table for the teams. The refreshment points will be uniform along the course; when first getting to the refreshment stations the fi rst table will be for the individual runners and the pairs and then will come the table for the relay teams. Accompanying cars can wait exclusively outside the area of the refreshment station. Bicycle companions can take refreshments IN A WAY NOT DISTURBING THE RUNNERS from the table of the runner whom they accompany only if they leave their bicycles outside the area of the refreshment station.

Personal refreshments can be provided 30 minutes prior to the start. It is necessary to place them inthe race centre in the appropriate collection box containing the daily km and the number of the refreshment station, showing the start number on it. All runners can provide personal refreshments, which the organisers of the race place at the selected refreshment station. There is a possibility to send clothes to the refreshment stations. Clothes sent remaining at the refreshment station or clothes handed over at the refreshment station can be taken over during the opening time of the race centre. Refreshment can be done only from a stationary car by observing the rules of the Highway Code referring to parking.

III/c. Planned choice of the refreshment stations: Individuals and pairs: water, iso drink, glucose, fruit, dried fruit, bread, cola, salt, chips / salted sticks, chocolate, cereal bar. Relays: water, iso drink, glucose, fruit


IV/a. Just like in the past few years will happen with the help of SPORTident system, used in orientation, with a chip (small plug). The deposit fee for the small plug is HUF 6000, which has to be provided when taking over the start pack. The deposit will be given back when handing over the little plug after fi nishing the last day in Siófok; those accomplishing the marathon + and the MaratonFüred will receive the deposit when arriving in the fi nish. Those giving up the race for good will have the chance to get back the deposit at the daily fi nishing points. There is a possibility to use your own SportIdent chip, please notify us about this latest when taking over the race pack.

IV/b. We advise to wear the small plug the fi nger. When taking over the start pack there will be a chance to try it, the colleagues at the race centre will provide help for this. The zero setting of the plug will happen when taking over the start pack.

IV/c. On day 1 everybody's start time will be the same, on day 2 and 3 everybody will be able to start off their time by plugging, on day 4 we assign a start time for the two start times. There will be plugging places on the course at the relay points. Relay members will need to plug when arriving in the relay zone, then change by handing over the plug and the team start number. Individual and team runners will fi nd their plugging places before their refreshment table.

IV/d. The plug will set the time at the plugging points so that it has to be plugged in the device, then you should wait for the sound and light effect (app. 1 second) and then you can continue running. There will be another plugging point directly at the finish gate, then at the race centre we collect the data for that day from the plug, so the next day everybody can start with an "empty" plug.

IV/e. Each day we shall place the overall race results at the offi cial hotels of BSI at the race centre and the next day at the start points near the start stage. We will also feature the names of those who gave up the race but without their place. When announcing the results we shall take into consideration only the results of those accomplishing the whole distance.


V/a. We provide time limits for each daily parts and the daily relay points. When the time limit elapses, the runner / team has to give up the race for that day. The race can be continued the next day but the runner will not be evaluated in its category. There is also a possibility to give up the daily run. In this case the race can be continued the next day but will not be evaluated in its category. The personnel at the relay points will not allow the participant exceeding the time limit to go on, they will be transported by the closing bus to the fi nish. The race directorate can decide about letting the runner /team continue racing even after the time limit elapses. We would like to call the attention of our individual runners that the part time limits on day 4 arriving to the 1. and 2. relay station have been decided in accordance with the pace of the teams starting half an hour later.

1. day (6hours)

until relay point 1. 7:00 min/km (12:46)

until relay point 2. 7:30 min/km (14:46)

until fi nish on day 1. 8:00 min/km (17:02)

2. day (7 hours 20 minutes)

until relay point 1.7:20 min/km (12:22)

until relay point 2. 7:40 min/km (14:25)

until fi nish on day 2. 8:15 min/km (17:18)

3. day (5 hours 50 minutes)

until relay point 1. 7:10 min/km (11:50)

until relay point 2. 7:40 min/km (14:01)

until fi nish on day 3. 8:10 min/km 15:46)

4. day (individual: 7 hours)

until relay point 1. 7:30 min/km (10:09)

until relay point 2. 8:10 min/km (12:35)

until fi nish on day 4. 8:40 min/km (15:03)

3. Day MaratonFüred (5 hours 55 minutes)

until relay point 1. 7:50 min/km (11:30)

until relay point 2. 8:20 min/km (13:50)

until relay point 3. 8:50 min/km (15:45)

4. day Relay: 6 hours 35 minutes

until relay point 1. 7:10 min/km (10:33)

until relay point 2. 7:35 min/km (12:50)

until relay point 3. 8:00 min/km (15:05)

V/b. The results of the participants accomplishing a part distance or giving up the race and the results of those exceeding the time limit will be featured on the result list by taking into consideration their last time when crossing a measurement point and the distance accomplished until that time.

V/c. Participants giving up the race are asked to remove their numbers and report this to the organizers, at checkpoints, relay stations or at the bike rider closing the line. The SPORTident plug can be returned at the daily sections fi nish line.


VI/a. Participants not prepared for racing will be disqualifi ed. Participants must keep to the instructions of the appointed doctors. Doctors can and will ask participants to give up if there is a health hazard in continuing the race. Those participants asked should immediately give up racing but can continue the next day unless doctors rule otherwise. Participants must report at the doctors' offi ce the next day 30 minutes prior to start for check-up.

VI/b. Organizers can disqualify any participant at special circumstances.


VII/a. During the race participants are entitled to time crediting in the following cases: Red light at railway crossing, and when waiting according to the instructions of the race judge in order to cross the road in a secure way. If the runner is being stopped by a race judge, he writes down the start number, the time of the stop and the continuation as well but the runner can also write this down on the check list of the judge.

VII/b. Time crediting happens based on the report of the race judge on that day.


Those not abiding by the rules can be punished by the race directorate in the following ways:

VIII/a Breaking of transport rules

Crossing the railway despite the red light or despite the judge prohibiting crossing: immediate exclusion from the race

Accompanying vehicle getting to a prohibited zone or despite the directors of the transport: 15 minutes time punishment each time

Stopping of the accompanying vehicle in an irregular way or its irregular crossing among the runners: 10 minutes time punishment each time

Parking of the accompanying vehicle by the road in an irregular way: 3 minutes time punishment each time

Accompanying bicycle renders another runner: 10 minutes time punishment each time

Wearing the start number in an irregular way: 10 minutes punishment each time.

VIII/b. Breaking race rules

In order to obtain unlawful advantage the runner is being transported on any kind of vehicle: immediate exclusion from the race

Providing refreshment from a moving vehicle: 15 minutes punishment each time

Accompanying vehicle accompanies and refreshes without a valid course permit: 15 minutes time punishment each time

The runner is being accompanied or refreshed not according to those stipulated in point III/a: 15 minutes time punishment each time

The runner runs on the left side of the road: 3 minutes time punishment each time

The runner does not run on the designated course: 3 minutes time punishment each time

VIII/c. The punishment of those breaking the rules is primarily based on the perception of the organisers. Other participants of the race should lodge a complaint and prove it credible way. We evaluate all reports and complaints and we make a fi nal decision. The decision of the race judges is non-appealable.

VIII/d. A complaint can be lodged with reference to each day's race at the race centre at the finish within half an hour after the closing time of the race. Individual runners can lodge a complaint personally, in case of a relay team or pair the manager of the team can do this. The fee of the complaint is HUF 10 000 that is ten thousand forints. The decision regarding the complaint will be disclosed to those in question in writing at least 30 minutes prior to the next day's race.

VIII/e. The organising committee decides in all cases in all questions regarding the rules of the race and in any other issues regarding the race.

VIII/f. Members of the organising committee are: Árpád Kocsis, István Máth, Krisztián Tamás, Csaba Korfanti.


IX/a. In the relay race the mixed teams are being evaluated among the men. The relay teams are being evaluated together regardless of the number of runners in the team. The pairs are being evaluated in male, female and mixed category.

IX/b. Relay must be done within the designated relay-zone marked with the team's start number by the hand-over of the SPORTident plug and the team start number. In all cases fi rst the plug should be plugged in order to measure part time, relay can happen only after this.

IX/c. There is an opportunity of relaying before the relay points (the team relays its previous member before the next offi cial relay point) for each team only and exclusively in the case of an injury. In this case the next team member should approach the required relaypoint individually and without disturbing other participants. The relayed member of the team should leave the relay-point without disturbing other participants. Teams not keeping to the rules can be disqualifi ed.

IX/d. Individual runner can only be a member of one team! A member of a team cannot be a member also of another team.


X/a. Daily tasks Participants must register every day at the start of the given day's section 30 minutes prior to the start. Relay racers and teams are asked to hand in the team's composition according to which team members will run the given day's course. Individual runners travelling with the organizers on the transfer bus can confirm their willingness to start also on the bus.

X/b. Wearing the start number, the distinguishing sign of the companions Runners are obliged to wear their start number, the companions (vehicle, bicycle) should wear their distinguishing sign throughout the whole period of the race in a well visible place. They must not place any inscription on this, no logo except for the fi eld on the race numbers of the runners where a name, a nickname can be placed. Individual runners should wear their two start numbers received on the front and on the back of the running garment, the members of the teams should wear the team start number secured with a triathlon rubber gum (provided by the organisers) freely, the individual start number should be secured on the front of the running garment in a well visible place. Runners running only one day (Marathon +, MaratonFüred) should wear the start number in the front in a well visible way.

X/c. Dressing room

1. day start: Siófok, Hotel Aranypart

fi nish: Fonyód: women in the building of Tourinform, men in tents

2. day start: Fonyód: women in the building of Tourinform, men in tents

fi nish: Szigliget: in tents set up in the fi nishing area

3. day start: Badacsony: in tents set up near the start area

fi nish: Balatonfüred: in tents set up by the fi nishing area and in Hotel Aranyhíd

4. day start: Balatonfüred: in tents set up near the start area

fi nish: Siófok, Hotel Aranypart

At the relay points each day in tents set up at the location.

X/d. Cloak room

The baggage of the individual runners handed over at the start will be transported to the fi nish.

Teams solve the transport of their baggage individually. Clothes which are left at the refreshment or relay stations can be taken over at the race centre during opening times.

X/e. Massage

Individual runners will have a chance to take advantage of an app. 15 minutes massage following the daily fi nishing. Free massage can be used by showing the tart number. Runners should apply for the massage after fi nishing the daily race at the massage points at the fi nishing areas or near these.

1 day: Fonyód: in the Matyas Kiraly Secondary

School approximately 200 meters from the fi nish

until 18:00 o'clock

2. day: Szigliget: about 100 meters from the fi nish in the Village House until 18:00 o'clock

3.day: Balatonfüred: about 5000 meters from the

fi nish in Hotel Aranyhíd until 18:00 o'clock

4. day: Siófok, Hotel Aranypart, until 16:00 o'clock.

X/f. Finishing medal

Individual runners will receive their medal upon fi nishing. At the finish at Siofok a finishing photo will be taken of the individual runners. Teams can take over their medal after fi nishing at Hotel Aranypart where a team photo will be taken.

X/g. Accommodation

The offi cial hotels of the race:

Wednesday and Thursday Siófok, Hotel Aranypart, Beszédes J. stny 82., tel: 06/84/519-450

Friday and Saturday |Balatonfüred, Hotel Aranyhíd,2300 Balatonfüred, Aranyhíd sétány 2. 10., tel: 06/87/342058

X/h. Help, information:

Help will also be provided over the phone by doctors accredited to the race and by the members of the organising committee during the whole period of the race. The telephone numbers will also be shown at the back of the race numbers.

Doctor: +36/30/645-2775 (OXY TEAM)

BSI: +36/20/9651966

We ask all participants to possibly take their mobile phones with them to the daily courses!